what to expect during a personal injury lawsuit

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what to expect during a personal injury lawsuit

If you have been injured and you feel as though someone had neglected a responsibility that could have prevented that injury, you could have good standing for an injury lawsuit. How do you know if you could sue that person? My blog will provide you with as much information about filing and surviving a personal injury lawsuit. These cases can go on for many, many years, so you will have to be patient and know what to expect going into them. Hopefully, the information provided here on this blog will be enough to help you understand what you will experience.

3 Things That Can Injure Your Social Security Disability Claim

In 2021, people filed more than 1.2 million applications for Social Security Disability. Of this number of applicants, less than 600,000, or approximately 47%, were approved and awarded. These statistics mean more than 50% of people who filed for Social Security Disability were denied. While denials can be for various reasons, sometimes the denial is due to statements, actions, or the lack of activities on behalf of the applicant. Here are a few things that can hurt your chances of being approved for an award.

1. Lack of Medical Documentation

It is not enough to state that your doctor has diagnosed you with a condition or disease. You must show that you have been and currently are receiving treatment for your condition. Even stopping ineffective treatment needs justification.

The failure to produce medical documentation hurts the credibility of your claim and will quickly lead to a denial. If you are receiving treatment, ensure you submit or give Social Security access to your condition's most up-to-date medical records.

2. Exaggeration Of Your Condition

Red flags are raised in your claim when your condition's description does not coincide with the documentation in your medical records. While your attempt to get approval may tempt you to exaggerate the extent of your disability to help your claim, this can backfire on you. 

No one doubts that chronic pain is severe and can be disabling. But falsely claiming your pain level is a 10 24 hours a day on your disability application when your medical records reflect that you report a pain level of 5 or 6 in the doctor's office can weaken your claim.

3. Failure To Be Specific

Glossing over or failing to be specific when answering questions can also cause Social Security Disability to deny your claim. Failing to be exact, is especially important when questioned about what you can and cannot do. 

For example, when asked if you do chores around the house and say yes, you can do household chores, it differs from stating the specific tasks you do and how often. While you may do dishes while sitting on a kitchen stool, a back injury may prevent you from mopping, vacuuming, or cleaning the tub or shower.

Once Social Security Disability denies your claim, hire a firm specializing in Social Security Disability law services. The law firm will review your claim, correct any issues they find, and help you appeal your case.